GPS Waypoint Data files for the State Highpoints

A waypoint file of all the highpoints is something that I created for my own personal use, and thought I would publish them here so others don't have to "reinvent the wheel" and create their own. My
data source for the coordinates was accurate to two decimals per minute, which is about 40-60 feet. If anybody knows of data that is accurate to three decimals, please let me know. Either way, looking at MapSend, these waypoints all seem to be within 1/10th of a mile of the actual highpoint. I can't explain why this is - either the coordinates are off, or, more likely, mapsend is off. Either way it is accurate enough to give you a good idea of how far you are from the highpoint, especially with the drive-ups.

They're presented here in several formats that I personally use. You can use a program called GPSBabel to convert them into whatever format you need.
  1. GPX XML
  2. LOC
  3. Magellan SD Card file (Meridians)
  4. Magellan Mapsend

Steven Tursi <>
Last Update: 7/21/04
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